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Body by Clint


I transform lives with my online fitness programs 

convenient enough to stick with for life. 

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I offer online training programs that fit your busy schedule.

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Clint Mobley is a former two-sport All-Conference college athlete who learned to train at intense levels to compete with other top-notch athletes in both football and track. His passion in life is to inspire others to set and reach their personal fitness goals.


Since becoming certified as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in 2013, Clint has acquired a broad range of experience in various areas of fitness training. He has worked with men and women of many different ages and fitness levels, working with his clients' strengths and around their weaknesses to develop the best possible programs for their goals and needs.


Clint recently became certified as an OTC online personal trainer, enabling him to offer his services virtually to clients anywhere in the world.

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I take your personal fitness goals seriously.

I understand that losing weight and gaining muscle can be challenging, and my goal is to help you overcome hurdles and reach your goals, by analyzing your body type, BMI, and metabolism, to create an individualized fitness plan that will work for you.


"The body cannot live without

the mind."

I am a HUGE fan of the movie The Matrix. It is so true that the body cannot live without the mind.  Your mind and more importantly your mindset is everything in life. Once you decide on a goal, really decide that there's no turning back, you have all but achieved it.



  • Customized resistance training 

  • Customized cardio and core training

  • Daily IM instant message check-in

  • 3 consultations with our licensed, registered dietitian nutritionist

  • Custom meal plans


  • Customized resistance training 

  • Customized cardio and core training

  • Daily IM instant message check-in

  • 1 consultation with our licensed, registered dietitian nutritionist


  • Customized resistance training 

  • Customized cardio and core training

  • Daily IM instant message check-in

Price range from $200 to $750 per month

Payments can be monthly or bi-weekly

Apply below and we can set a time to discuss which program will make the most sense for you.



Client BW smiling after 12 week transformation
IMG_1406 (1).JPG
Client AJ after 12 Week transformation

Hansen R.

April 2020

When I thought about finding a trainer to help me drop some pounds and saw your offer, I honestly had no reservations. Obviously, it helps that I know you and knew your work ethic in college and could see that you’ve always been keen on staying in shape. This was a big factor for me as I started a search for a personal trainer and exercise program. I’ve never been a fan of going to the gym and given my schedule - this fits my time frame perfectly. My 3 goals initially, were strength, flexibility, and weight loss, So far since starting Clint’s program, I’m down 20lbs and 4” off my waist. Also, down from 36” waist jeans to 34” waist. Yes, getting back to my college waisted pants. I had to pick up a pair of 34” as the 36” were baggy as told to me by the wife. As I continue the program, my flexibility, mobility have increased and I can tell I’ve gained more strength.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed the program and the length/time of the workouts. I’ve been able to incorporate them into my daily routine. The demo videos are great. I really like them and review them prior to working out to get a sense of what the day’s workout program will be focused upon and get ready so not to fumble around looking for weights, bands, matt etc. This helps keep me focused.

Once I start them, it’s great you’re doing the first set with us and then allow us to make the choice to continue subsequent sets/workouts with you or not to finish the day. The videos provide that coaching aspect which helps me stay motivated. The meal plan you provided is very helpful in planning out the daily caloric intake. I think taking the time to track calories to the daily goal has been beneficial and helped me stay focused on promoting better eating habits. It has been a fun journey and one I look forward to continuing. I would recommend your program to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life. 

Jerry B.

March 2020

First of all, having never really done an online workout plan I thought Clint’s program was great, challenging, and kept me engaged to participate. I knew I needed to respond and mark the workout as complete and note any feedback or remarks or you would reach out. This made for good discipline and accountability. My biggest reservation agreeing to your offer was not being able to do the daily exercises and failing not only myself but you as well in the program. My mornings were busy enough already with being a small business owner but it was time to make a commitment to myself and to your program to make it work and be successful. I started getting up earlier and soon became the norm.

Your encouragement of getting this completed first thing in the morning was one of the best ideas you had and made a major impact. It is so easy to make excuses to skip the plan but having your videos and accountability knowing if I didn’t complete and exercise you would know and send a gentle reminder. In most cases, I would complete the exercise and rush to get ready and out the door and forget to mark the day as completed in the app. I certainly got better with this.

My main goal as stated initially was to lose 15 pounds. Being recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes I needed to make some lifestyle changing decisions on exercise and eating healthier in an effort to lower and maintain my blood sugar levels. Your offer could not have come at a better time and I thank you for that! I have been eating healthier and in smaller proportions and doing my best to keep at 60 carbs per meal. I feel better and healthier after our 12 weeks plan. I feel confident I will attain my 15-pound weight loss goal or be very close to it. Having to purchase some new pants and belts because of the weight loss felt amazing and rewarding.

Just a big thank you for your offer to be apart of this plan and to spend time with you each morning for the past 12 weeks. I was always impressed with your work ethic in football and track and knew you were in great physical shape because of your muscles and stature. I now know how determined, focused, and disciplined you were in college with regards to weight training and exercise.


Dave H

April 2020

When I started Clint’s program the first several weeks my knee was making it difficult, and I had 2 full weeks of traveling, so I did not make the progress I had hoped for. However, my pants were feeling loser, I felt my posture was improving and more upright, I have a ton more energy, and I just felt better overall. This has more than anything helped me develop the discipline, and habit of doing something every day. As a busy father and professional my time is always a crunch. The meal plan along with using my fitness pal for calorie tracking made it easier to estimate and stay as close to my daily calorie count. I have started eating very little bread, eliminating sugar as much as I can, and trying not to eat processed food.

I really enjoyed the program. I liked the workouts and videos were easy to follow. In the past I was probably a bit overwhelmed at trying to do a program myself, unsure of what were the appropriate exercises, etc. The program gave me a lot better direction than I could on my own, and I felt I was getting high value from it Thanks Clint. Also, I love being able to plug my fitness pal into the Trainerize app. I find using an app to track everything was about the best way to reinforce the discipline when eating out.
I love how the program kept me accountable and was long enough for me to develop the habits and discipline needed to make some life changes. I liked the variation on the exercises and enough guidance to feel I was maximizing the time I had committed. The videos were super helpful, especially from a timing standpoint. I feel better than I have in years, and now realize my original goal of weight loss might have been slightly misguided. Thanks for letting me work through the process. My goal should have been to exercise daily, eat healthier and develop a sustainable disciplined routine. I have to say, your program has been life-changing, and helped me immensely. I can’t tell enough people how awesome it is. I would recommend your program to everyone

Amanda H.

January 6, 2019

I've had two babies in two years and was looking to lose the baby weight. To get the process started right, I sought professional help. Thanks to Clint, I'm well on my way with 10+ lbs lost in 12 weeks OVER THE HOLIDAYS. I enjoyed the holidays (read: ate amazing food), worked hard AND lost weight. I have always been active, more at some points of my life than others, and learned some new exercises and (hopefully) life changing tips. Well worth the investment. Thanks Clint!


Shenelle R.

August 2018

“Clint has been great!! He is exactly what I needed to motivate me... He showed up at my home at 6 am, to accommodate my mommy and work schedule. He was always positive - able to modify workouts to meet me at my level. Workouts were challenging, yet not to hard to discourage or embarrass. Zero complaints! Highly recommend him!”


Martina M

April 2018

“I’m so glad I found Clint. I have tried to get back in shape for many years and Clint helped me with the motivation I needed to create better habits for myself. I loved that his program is so personalized that I can follow it even on a busy schedule. I always look forward to the workouts!”


Peggy B.

November 2017

“I signed up with Clint for 2 12 weeks sessions. I was highly satisfied. I am very pleased with the results. At first, I was concerned about getting sore, in reality, I experienced very little soreness. I was happily surprised with the results that came from just 3 one-hour weight training and 3 twenty-minute aerobic sessions a week. I look and feel better than I have in years. Clint can adapt a program to your specific needs. I highly recommend Clint if you want to get in shape and be healthier.”


Max D

September 2017

“Working with Clint helped me begin working out/ lifting. After my surgery I had never lifted and only worked out through sports. But as time goes on you need to become bigger, stronger, and faster in order to play in any sports. I always knew I needed to get in the gym and start working out but I never really knew how. Clint showed me how to use proper form and he showed me the right mindset of how to lift and get better and overall stronger. Also met with a nutritionist and my diet and make sure I have good healthy body for a teenage kid! I recommend Clint!! Max DiVito /student athlete.”


Barb W

June 2017

“Clint's passion for what he does was so evident from the first time I met him. He is one of a kind! He strives to make your program, customized, challenging and motivating. I've tried other programs and trainers. His is by far the best investment I've made! Highly recommend him.”



A-Renay B

June 2017

“Clint is very professional. After 4 weeks my body has made noticeable changes. I am soooooo glad I found Clint.”


Dennis P

April 2017

“Mobley is the man! Always motivating and fun to be around! Love that smile!”


Megan G

April 2017

“Clint has the passion. You will not be disappointed!”


Curtis H

April 2017

“Clint will help you get it done! He not only can tell you what to do he can show you!”


Art O

April 2017

“Clint has given me invaluable advice over the years around health, fitness, nutrition. We share an athletic background so he has instant credibility with me.”


Rich P

April 2017

“Eight years ago, I was 240 plus with no healthy direction. Clint encouraged me to eat healthy and exercise regularly. Below 200 on most days without grueling cardio sessions.”


Lisa L

April 2017

“Body by Clint is absolutely AWESOME! Clint definitely knows what he is doing. Whether you're looking to lose weight, condition your body, or get in tip top shape, Body by Clint has the program for you. I can't say enough about Clint's dedication to his craft and his commitment to each client. Love, love, love his program!!!” 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾


Vonda M

April 2017

“Clint knows his nutrition and fitness! He's dedicated and passionate about his health ... and wants to share his knowledge with others so they can be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves possible! Rock on!!”


Mary J.

August 2015

“In February of 2014, Clint and I started working together so that I would be in shape for my daughter's wedding. The wedding was a year ago. We continue to work together and now I'll be participating in the 2015 Chicago Triathlon at the end of August. He constantly challenges me to get better. I would highly recommend him!”


Dean A.

February 2014

“Clint's Great! I’d recommend Clint to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer who gets it. He'll personalize a program for you, at your level, at your speed and help you strengthen, tone, lose weight or just want to get fit. The guy is a former collegiate athlete he knows what he is doing and will help you to reach whatever level of fitness you desire.”


Lori A.

February 2014

“Clint kicks butt! He knows his stuff! He is a patient trainer but he doesn't let you be a slouch! He makes you work and do it right! I need more!”

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