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Extra help




Technique analysis












Session Duration






Trainer Burnout

Online Training

Don’t have to fit the trainer’s schedule as much






You can meet your trainer anywhere, anytime via the Internet



$200-750 per month on average


Video assistance at the click of a button. You can watch it as many times as you want

Video analysis to show you what areas need to be worked out. They don’t just see it once, they watch it over and over again to give well thought out, constructive feedback


You control your goals, you control your schedule, you control what you can handle that day.


Your sessions take just as long as they need to. No longer, no shorter.

No wasting time. The session time is molded to your goals.


Online trainers don’t always work 12-14 hour days, meaning they’re usually “fresh” when you talk to them. This results in better feedback and coaching.


Trainer can only work so many sessions per hour, so they are selective with their time slots. Meaning you can only book in on certain days at certain times.

Want a high quality personal trainer, but there are none in your area?

You have to go to where they are.

$50-120 per hour

2-3 times per week

$150-360 per week

$600-1440 per month

You have to wait for to see your trainer again to get help



Standing beside you critiquing your form, but may not be as experienced as the online trainer (could go either way)



Your goals are often dictated by the trainer’s preferences and what they want for you (could happen online as well)

Sessions tend to be an hour because the trainer is forced to train that long by his or her company’s session standard.


Trainers in private and commercial often work endlessly to “hit quotas” and always perform better than the month before. The pressure to sell often leads trainers to become overworked, stressed, and burnt out. Offering a lower quality service for more money.











































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